Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale

Balance is the key to our flagship Amber Ale. Munich and Caramel malts provide a solid backbone, while a moderate amount of Cascade hops lends a subtle herbal character. The robust copper color is complemented by a frothy white head that leaves a thick lacing on the glass. This is a well-rounded beer that goes great with most every dish.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 25

Rush River BubbleJack India Pale Ale

We brewed this American IPA with a light body, which makes for a bright appearance and allows the various Yakima Valley hops to shine. Centennial and Cascade hops offer up a medley of citrus flavors with a medium bitterness giving way to a rather dry finish. Whether it be hearts or spades, you’re the dealer when you draw this one-eyed knave.

ABV: 6.5%

Rush River Double Bubble Imperial IPA

This hop-whopper is the bigger brother to our Bubblejack IPA, as the multiple Centennial and Cascade hop additions do the talking in this Double IPA. For this version we’ve nearly doubled the hops and added over two and a half pounds of local honey per barrel. Remarkably smooth with a touch of sweetness, a little bit goes a long way.

ABV: 9.0%

Brewed with 100% Pilsen malt and delicately hopped with Cascade hops, Rush River Light is a true thirst quencher. At 4.2% ABV and only 125 calories, feel free to have a few!

ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 12

Scenic Pale Ale Bottle

A refreshingly floral Pale Ale, Scenic is hoppy and fragrant. Copious amounts of late-addition Citra and Mosaic hops convey aromatics of grapefruit, apricot and soft pine. The result is a medium-bodied beer with minimal bitterness and a big hop aroma.

ABV: 5.0%

Rush River Small Axe Golden Ale

Our Golden Ale is brewed with one third of the grain bill coming from White wheat and hopped exclusively with Citra hops. This crisp, aromatic little number has a slightly cloudy appearance and a juicy, tropical nose. If Jolly Rancher made an apricot-flavored hard candy it might taste like this.

So if you are the big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down.” – Bob Marley

ABV: 4.5%

Rush River Lost Arrow Porter

A traditional English Porter, the Lost Arrow imparts a toasty malt aroma with a mild roastiness highlighted by notes of toffee and chocolate. Though dark and complex, the mouthfeel is surprisingly light with a fairly dry finish.

ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 20

Rush River Shandy is brewed to beat the heat. Whole lemons and local honey are the heart and soul of this sparkling all-natural ale. Light in body but big in flavor, Shandy pairs well with summertime or anytime. Available March to July (longer at the taproom while supplies last).

ABV: 4.0%
IBU: 12

Minion India Pale Ale

An intensely hop-forward ale, Minion is brewed with six pounds of Mosaic and Simcoe hops per barrel. Only a handful of those hops are boiled in the kettle, while the vast majority are utilized post-boil in the whirlpool and conditioning tank. This technique gives the beer a dank and pungent aroma and flavor without the bitterness of a traditional IPA.

ABV: 7.0%

Nevermore Oatmeal Stout

Nevermore sits at the crossroads of Oatmeal, Foreign Extra and American Stouts. Along with generous portions of Chocolate and Black malts, rolled oats contribute a smooth creaminess while the addition of premium cocoa makes this a very approachable Stout. Think dark roast coffee and chocolate cake. Available November through February (longer at the taproom until supplies last).

ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 40

Rush River Überalt Alt Beer

An ancient style from the Rhineland, Altbiers are ales that were virtually wiped out by European lagers in the 1800s. Über Alt is a much stronger version of the traditional Dusseldorf Altbiers. We ramp up the grain bill with Pilsen, Munich and Caramel malts to produce a rich, malt-forward German ale. Available in October at the taproom while supplies last.

ABV: 8.5%
IBU: 40

Rush River Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

Based on a Wee Heavy Scotch Ale recipe, this deep mahogany beer is the perfect pint for the cold of winter. A soft, warming alcohol presence underlies a full body with a chewy, malty sweetness at its core. The addition of roasted barley also contributes a slightly toasted nose and finish. Available in November at the taproom while supplies last.

ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 30

Our classic Brown Ale is a malt-forward beer that has a medium-full body and pours a deep, reddish-brown with a frothy, light tan head. We showcase Victory malt in this seasonal offering which produces a nutty and ‘biscuity’ aroma and flavor with a hint of chocolate. A moderate addition of Mosaic hops balances the layers of malt by adding notes of citrus and pine. Available in January at the taproom while supplies last.

ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 35