Available December through March. This late-Winter seasonal is extremely dark and flavorful. Rolled oats give it a smooth feel, while the addition of premium cocoa makes this stout a sure crowd-pleaser. Somewhere between coffee and chocolate cake.

The Unforgiven

Rich in flavor and mildly sweet, this amber ale is dry-hopped  in the conditioning tank to add a subtle herbal nose. The robust caramel color and flavor is complemented with a frothy head that leaves a  thick lacing on the glass. A classic session ale, great with food.


Lost Arrow

Dark as night and very complex, this tasty Porter is a real gem. Lighter in alcohol than many expect, this beer is incredibly smooth and has really grown into a crowd-pleaser. Available year-round to feed the addicted. ABV 5.0%



Incredibly smooth, this ale is truly a phenomenon in taste. This American Style IPA is brewed with a lighter grain bill which allows the various Yakima Valley hops to shine. Bubblejack IPA is also dry-hopped prior to packaging for an added hop aroma.